Refund Policy

Account Cancellation

As a Student, Job seeker, Employer, College or Training Provider, you have the option to deactivate your account so that you are no longer visible on the platform. As a service provider, we may however be obligated to retain certain data about you as your College, Training Institute or Employer might be retaining some of your data. You can send deactivation request to


  • Paid subscriptions for Students, Job Seekers, Employers, Colleges and Training Providers are governed by commercial terms and are non-refundable as long as the period of the commercial terms are valid.
  • UnoCareer and our Service Partners (Colleges, Trainers and Employers) provide products & services such as Training Courses, Self-Assessments and On-line Practise tests that can be purchased by users. These products and services can be cancelled as per the conditions mentioned below.
    • Classroom & Virtual Classroom Training Courses – 100% refundable up to two (2) days before the training commences
    • Online or E-Learning Courses – 100% refundable any time before accessing the course
    • Assessments, Tests, Practise Test packs – 100% refundable any time before accessing the test/assessment or practise pack