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"Happiness comes from giving, not getting. If we try to bring happiness to others, we cannot stop it from coming to us also. To get joy, we must give it, and to keep joy, we must scatter it" - John Templeton
UnoCareer has created a cloud platform that helps individuals to improve their personality and acquire skills that are of significance to their careers
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Find a career path and build your future. Find your dream job
  • Find fresher or experienced jobs that match your career aspirations
  • Get connected with employers for internships
  • Holistic algorithms that match your skills with the right position
  • Instant job applications to cut down laborious tasks
  • Receive instant feedback from our Applicant Tracking System
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Learn the latest skills in demand in the industry and boost your Career opportunities
  • Self-paced bootcamp learning
  • Structured curriculum that keeps engaged and motivated
  • Hands on practical learning
  • Real world industry problems for practice
  • Immediate job opportunities
Measure what you learned
Discover your strengths and weaknesses, practice and get ready for career placement tests
  • Vast repository of Personality, Aptitude and Subject tests
  • Practice tests to gain speed & accuracy in competitive tests
  • Personalty tests to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmarking tests to analyse your areas for improvement
  • Practice tests for competitive & employment exams
Expand your career opportunities with Java, Python, Data Science, Devops, ServiceNow and many more...
Get unlimited access to top courses. Learn and improve your skills across technology, business, design and more
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We're passionate about giving your careers a boost through mentorship and connecting you with industry leaders
Career Launchpad
  • Resume workshop (Perfect guide to build sharp & crisp Resume)
  • Dimensions for Headshots
  • Professional Headshot Samples
  • Career Wednesday
  • Industry Speaker sessions every saturday
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