Automate and simplify your recruitment process and find the best talent

Virtualize your campus recruitment and turn probability of finding top talent into reality. A hiring platform that thinks for you

Who is it applicable for
Recruitment Manager
Define specific hiring requirements and ask pre-screening questions to cut downtime and find eligible and interested applicants. Chisel our applicant database to identify best-fit candidates
Campus Hiring Manager
Use our smart algorithms to identify Colleges & Students who closely match your requirements. Reduce hiring efforts by talking directly to pre-screened students
Test Authoring
Create your own question bank or leverage our large pool of selection tests library to assess candidates. Schedule and administer online placement tests securely
Organization Profile
Share company content, share videos of employees talking about your company, present success stories & work culture to attract top talent
Built-in screening tests
Custom Selection rounds
Holistic & Objective selection metrics
Smart Evaluation Process
Smart Scheduling

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