5 cool things you can do to prepare for post lockdown job opportunities

Covid lockdown may be a temporary pause to all your campus placement activities, but certainly not to your career preparations. You should not treat lockdown as a vacation, but rather use it to gain edge over your competition, by indulging in various career enhancing activities. During interview, prospective Employers might inquire you on how effectively you have utilized the downtime and any additional skills that you might have developed. To ensure that you don’t fumble answering that question, try these 5 simple things.

  1. Enhance your skills: Choose a skill within your area of specialization, then do some research, read articles, blogs, usability, market trends, and explore opportunities in it. For instance, if Web Application development is a skill that you wish to improve – focus on learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and frameworks like Angular. Leverage online tutorials in YouTube, Udemy, LinkedIn or others to learn APIs and build UI components. You can even build a prototype application using what you learnt as it helps you gain confidence.
  2. Become presentable: Communication and presentation skills are essential. Watch videos on how to present what you know. Create some presentations using MS Word or MS PowerPoint. For example, research on industry and domains that are trending in the market with high growth opportunities. Create a 3-4 slide presentation and then use Skype, Zoom or other such platforms and present it to your friends. Feedback from them will help improve communication and presentation skills.
  3. Pick up conversation starters: There are many online forums or discussion boards that engage in healthy and valuable Q&A or conversations. Research which forums industry experts use and regularly follow point of views or blogs of a few. Duly make points and try and create your own point of view of any topic and publish for review, feedback, and as discussion threads. Spending around 3-4 hours a week on this will increase your awareness on your interests.
  4. Learn a language or art: Do not take any of these creative skills easy. These are life skills and will sail you through many situations with grace. There are plenty of paid and even unpaid platforms you can learn from. Cooking is also a life skill. If you have to move to a new city/country – knowing how to cook is a must. Even learning to cook Maggi is a skill. Learn new songs from start to end.
  5. Grow a kitchen garden: This is a great way to engage yourselves physically and also earn the satisfaction of growing food. Talk to your mother/father about what you can easily grow, some readily available seeds in your kitchen are coriander, fenugreek, tomato, and green chilies. You will find a lot of content for beginners on all social media platforms.

There’s a lot more you can do as long as you will to come out of this period with a new skill. Talk to friends, family, mentors, or a coach who will help you sail through and also give you great advice to gear up for the time coming up on the other end.